Kids Special

Short blue ice hike for parents and sporty children.

Do you have sporty children who love a challenge as well?

If yes, then the KIDS SPECIAL is the right choice! The hike is tailormade for parents and their sporty children who want to experience an exciting and various glacier hike and explore the blue ice world of Nigardsbreen Glacier.

This tour is for families with fit children used to hike and love being outdoor. For adults with no children, or almost grown-up children, please choose the Short Blue Ice Hike (min. age 12 years).

The exhibition at Breheimsenteret (the Glacier Visitor Centre) is included. 


Required: Children accompanied by their parent(s) only. Agelimit for children tickets min. 8 years and max. 14 years.
Equipment (required): Gloves for the children. More information 
Duration: About 1,5 hrs. on the ice. Total  about 4 - 4,5 hrs.


GPS Coordinates Nigardsbreen Parking lot:

N 61°40'18.971"
E 7°14'07.240"

N 61°40.316'
E 7°14.120'


  1. Jostedal (NO)